Marketing: How not to get lost in cyberspace.
It's a deep, wide and dark place, so we don't recommend taking a "build it and they will come" approach if you are expecting results. We recommend that you set aside at least 25% of your online budget for a Web marketing program. Attention should be paid to the technical and programming aspects of your site's development that can effect its "findability" after launch. Each search engine and directory weighs aspects of a page differently, so you have to cover all bases to be indexed correctly and score in the top 10 finds. That's the goal.

Most people look at the first three pages of search results, so top 30 means you have a chance of being found. Top 10 or the first page is much better, but may not be possible without special effort. We recommend that you search the Web using the leading search engines; Google, Yahoo!,, etc. Use keyword phrases that you think will result in the retrieval of one of your Web pages. Go to the top three sites that you find in your search results and take a look at their source code. You'll learn a lot. Alternatively, you can give us a call and we can put together a program for you.

Here is a list that should help you in developing and budgeting a Web marketing plan.
  1. Make sure each page is titled descriptively with keywords and is meta coded
  2. Register your site with the Open Source Directory ( the index of the Web that Google, Yahoo!, msn, etc. uses to update their directories.
  3. Register with appropriate search engines, most are free and will bring traffic.
  4. Consider search engine optimization (SEO) to improve your page ranking.
  5. Consider using banner advertising on portal sites.
  6. Consider using Pay-Per-Click ads like Google AdWords or Yahoo! "Search Marketing" .
  7. Consider reciprocal hyperlinking and banner swaps
  8. Consider Web-based promotions, sweepstakes, contests
  9. Consider e-mail broadcasting to opt-in lists or your own lists Constant Contact.
  10. Consider an offline advertising, publicity and promotion.
You should plan to integrate your web address (domain name, URL) into your overall marketing program for your company. Include it on everything and use the web to poll your customers and prospects, to test market ad concepts or products, to send news releases, to stimulate interactivity and to build your community and good will.

We can help you do all of the above and to make your experience on the Web a positive and profitable one. Contact us for assistance.

STEP 7: Maintenance