Maintenance: Keeping it interesting.
Things get old quickly on the Web... after all it's a 24 hour-a-day medium. That's why maintenance and updating are so important to keeping your site active. We know there is a direct correlation between the amount of new material on a site,the number of people who visit it and the frequency at which they return. Right from the start, you should budget for maintenance, plan to add content on a regular basis and make sure it gets done.

1. Post your news releases on the Web and keep them archived
2. Have a "What's New" section on your home page
3. Put new pictures on the site whenever possible
4. Put copies of your ads on the site
5. Use "Coming Soon" announcements to stimulate return visits
6. Have a "Did You Know?" section for interesting statistics, facts, etc.
7. Take an opinion poll
8. Run a contest

There are any number of ways to keep your site interesting and up-to-date and there is nothing worse than have things grow stale and your site become a "grave site". It reflects badly on your company. It's bad public relations and just plain death on the Web. If you don't have someone on staff who can do the job, outsource it. It has to be done or the whole process will end up being just an exercise.

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