Logo Design
We've been creating corporate identities/logos for more than 25 years... some of which you see on this page. New symbols for established companies and identities for new ventures.

Creating a new logo can be a journey of exploration and discovery or it can be a long and tortured path. It's a matter of vision, chemistry and experience.

Some clients know what they want, some think they know and others know they don't know, but will know it when they see it. Either way, it's a process.

Our fees are based on time and usage. A logo that will be used internationally and appear on millions of products, merchandise and in all media will cost more than one that will be used locally or regionally and have little exposure beyond letterhead, business cards and signage.

Our identity package includes electronic file formats (eps, tiff, gif, jpg) in suitable resolution and sizes for use in all media. We also provide (reverse and positive treatments) and templates for letterhead, envelopes and business cards.