Child of an FSA - R.R. borrower? in front of their house, Puerto Rico. Jack Delano 1941

Photography is an art/science cocktail that freezes time and is more powerful than guns or money when it comes to shaping public opinion. A great photo keeps on giving to each new generation that discovers it and inspires anew the drive to capture great images. I was amazed to find the riches I did online and in the public domain. Not that I am a new to photography, making images or using them commercially. Still I was surprised to find famous and powerful photos that I has seen before and had never forgotten, that were in the public domain and available on the Web for download. It was good to finally be able to put names with the photos too. Some names I knew and others I should have known. So, because they were available, I have downloaded photographs I like for a variety of reasons and will be putting them on this site... my way of sharing them with everyone who loves photography.

Also on this site will be an ever growing list of photo resources, helpful to anyone who sells or buys photos, commissions photographs or just likes the frozen image.

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