We no longer provide Web Development Services
We've coded tens of thousands of Web pages and have experience with projects lasting from several months to several years.

What set us apart from other developers was our years of marketing communications agency experience. We provided a complete package of services from creative to online marketing and site updating.

We offered the following services:
  • Domain registration & hosting
  • Online marketing programs
  • Search engine optimization
  • Keyword positioning
  • Site updating & redevelopment
  • Creative consultation
  • Project management
  • Graphic identity & branding
  • Design & templating
  • Content development
  • Turnkey Production
  • Shopping Carts
  • HTML broadcast email
  • Forms creation
  • Affiliate programs
  • Advertising, banners

    We approached each new project from a zero-based perspective, using our experience and tool set to keep the cost of development as low as possible. Our step-by-step approach was outlined in our WebPlanner. Examples of our work can be viewed in our WebFolio.

    For large projects, we recommend a Discovery Report or project blueprint. It involves researching and mapping out the project with budgets, timelines and milestones, specifications, Web architecture and revenue models, staffing requirements, a marketing plan, etc.

  • Typical Service Engagements
    New Web Site
    From Concept to Code, Launch and Beyond

    We know the process and the problems and we bring 30 years of business experience and marketing know-how to the table. We not only design and develop, we maintain too. And that's important and we'll tell you why. Email us at contact@unicamultimedia.com.

    Web Makeovers
    Site Redesign, Resurfacing, Redevelopment or Enhancements

    We've been performing miracles since 1997, recreating and upgrading sites built or partially built by nephews, IT departments and other Web developers. If you need a new look or to rethink, refresh and/or restructure your site, we can help. We can handle the whole project as prime contractor or augment your staff, providing just the expertise and services you need. Email us at contact@unicamultimedia.com.

    Site Registration & SEO
    Right from the start

    There are a lot of ways to get to the top of the search rankings. The best way is to get there without spending money constantly. That means designing pages the right way and making sure they have meaningful content and are keyword rich. That's the way to get where you want to be without paying and paying and paying again. Then we submit your site and watch it climb. Interested? Email us at contact@unicamultimedia.com.

    Site Maintenance

    If you would like to have your site updated regularly and don't want to add in-house staff and overhead, email us at contact@unicamultimedia.com. We're already maintaining sites for museums in Pennsylvania and Connecticut as well as clients in travel, international trade, hospitality, manufacturing and service businesses. We would be pleased to provide you with the same ongoing service and an estimate based on your specific requirements.

    Project Outsourcing

    We have years of experience with project management, agency management and Web development and can handle your entire project for you, acting as an extension of your existing staff or as an outside contractor.

    Spotlight Client:
    Currie Hair, Skin, Nails... award-winning salons and day spas in Delaware and Pennsylvania. They have been a client for years and we have been updating their Website as they grow, add salons and win more and more awards....

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